Welcome! We are happy that you found us. The Humanitas Foundation is a non-profit organization of the world's humanitarian activities. Since 2002, we have been involved in various projects. Our goal is to help people in need all over the world and to improve the living conditions for these people in the long term. We work mainly in Europe and Africa, but soon on the Internet for the whole world.

Below you will find information about our current projects. For more detailed information and pictures, you can also download this report:
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Kenia Karte

Africa - Kenya

An important cooperation abroad is the support of the St. Paul's Children's Home, an orphanage for children from the slums of Nairobi in Kenya. The Project has been brought to life by Mrs. Margret Mbote and her family 12 years ago. She founded the orphanage in the district Ongata Rongai and functions as its head since then. Mrs. Mbote feels it is her purpose to give those children, who have no families supporting them, a home. By now, 65 orphans live here and receive accommodation, food and schooling. Nevertheless, the orphanage's means are limited, so that we see it as our task to support the orphanage in its effort to give those children the opportunity to live a decent life, now and in the future. After we fundamentally and permanently improved the circumstances in which the St. Paul's Children's Home had to work with the orphans until now, our cooperation goes on, aiming for the construction of new buildings the orphanage needs in order to achieve the ability to offer a secure home for 100 orphans of the slums of Nairobi.

We are looking forward to any financial support for the orphanage as well as the food issues or in general for the work of our association. Under this text, you will find a selection of possible donation options, simply give "orphanage" or "education" etc. in the purpose of use and refer to:

Please send us your name and address by e-mail to humanitasfoundation@hotmail.com

Bank Account Number: 14003040
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Bearer: Humanitas Foundation e.V.
Bank: Sparkasse Meschede

On request, we can provide you with information about the supported project. We are officially recognized as a non-profit organization and your donation is of course tax-deductible. From a donation of 50 Euro we will gladly issue you a donation certificate.

Please send us your name and address by e-mail to: humanitasfoundation@hotmail.com


Donation for the orphanage and help us expand the building further so that we can offer the children a safe home.


Through your donation, the children of the orphanage can have the opportunity to obtain higher school degrees and have the prospect of a better future.


Warm clothing makes everyday life easier for children. Your donation can help us procure new, warm clothes for the children.


Twice a year, we distribute care packages containing basic food and laundry detergents. Donation to support us.


Every child likes to play. With your donation we can buy new toys and make the children a huge joy.

Porta Medika

Since 2015 there has been a new project at the Humanitas Foundation - Porta Medika. Porta Medika is an Internet platform that provides access to medical and health-related information for every user with only a mouse click. The authors are the users themselves, because the platform is designed by users for users and should not only be available for information retrieval, but also promote the exchange among each other. An alpha test phase took place from May 2017 to February 2018.

Furthermore, there are two independent project areas behind Porta Medika - Porta Medika Healthcare & Porta Medika Shops.

Porta Medika Healthcare is a full service agency that brings patients from all over the world to Germany helping to find the best treatments available. www.portamedika.healthcare

Porta Medika Shop is a worldwide platform for medical, health related, wellness and beauty products. www.portamedika.shop

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to info@portamedika.net

Kenia Karte