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Welcome to our website! We are happy you found us. We, the Humanitas Foundation, are a non-profit organization that is active worldwide in the humanitarian field. Since 2002 we have been involved in various projects. Our goal is to help people in need all over the world and to improve their living conditions in a sustainable way. We are currently working mainly in Africa.

Below you will find information about our current projects. For more detailed information and pictures you can also download this report in English or German:

Promotion of partner organisations

Since 2012 we are partner of the St Pauls Childrens Home, an orphanage with about 70 children in Nairobi, Kenya. During this time we were able to establish great progress and positive changes for the children. We have been able to turn structural improvements from corrugated iron huts into stone houses and provide the home with stable beds, benches, an assembly hall, sanitary facilities and other equipment. Since the staff of the home was very understaffed and poorly paid, we increased the staff and paid fair salaries at the beginning of our partnership. We also organise local festivals, such as Christmas parties with gifts for the children and other events.

Particularly disabled people do not have it easy in Africa. Therefore we support a children’s home for disabled children in Nairobi, Kenya financially and with material and food.

In addition, we cooperate with Dr. Richard’s local practice to support his work in which he treats patients free of charge.


Education is the key to success – in many schools in Kenya, this is already being taught among young children. And this is exactly what we want to support in different ways. We offer financial support for local schools and provide our orphans with backpacks, paper, pens, school books, school uniforms and other school materials. In order to support the children on their way into working life after school, we provide appropriate equipment, such as work clothes, for an apprenticeship. In addition, the education of the children in relation to music is very important to us, here we have cooperations with local institutions and pay, for example, the music lessons for the children. The background is the holistic idea that – children should be prepared and trained in all areas in the best possible way.


For us, health is divided into two core areas – medical care and nutrition. Through our partnership with the German medical aid organisation action medeor e. V. we bring basic medical supplies to Africa – directly to doctors who treat the poorer population in their practices free of charge. A link between health and nutrition is established through our clean water projects. Bilharzia and other diseases are fundamental major problems in Africa caused by dirty drinking water. Water quality and water supply are a disaster. The Humanitas Foundation e. V.  is engaged in educational activities in this field and tries to counteract with various measures. For example we introduced and installed water filter systems and pipes and had rainwater tanks cleaned. This has already enabled us to significantly improve water quality. Our long-term goal is to build a deep well to establish an independent water supply with clean water, for example for the St Pauls Childrens Home and our neighborhood.

We also dedicate ourselves with great passion to the topic of nutrition. In most families there is already a lack of basic food, which is why we always distribute parcels with food and hygiene articles. We do this together with our orphans in the poor neighbourhood as well as with the Masai tribes in the desert. A large planned project is the cultivation of food by own fruit trees and the rearing of farm animals. Thus we would like to reach a partly own supply possibility for the orphans. At the beginning of our cooperation the orphans often had to accept rotten food leftovers from supermarkets in order to survive. Therefore, it is very important for us to build up a sustainable care possibility, which in turn will have a strong positive influence on the health of the children.

Help for self-help

For us, sustainable support in Africa is very important, as short-term measures can only extinguish individual fires temporarily and it is important to us that our partner organisations function on their own at some point and at best no longer need our financial support. This is why we always plan our projects on a long-term basis, for example by planting trees or using the microcredit system. Here we give Africans who want to build their own existence or live more independently interest-free microloans, which they pay back only in case of success. For example, we help them to buy equipment for a business start or seed for their own food cultivation. We also support young people, for example by financing their driving licences, which they need for a job. In this way, we provide the starting aid for a more independent life.

Our small charity farm near Kampala, Uganda, was also started to make use of existing land and to start agriculture and chick rearing through the provision of good seeds and the purchase of the first 100 chicks.

Our Partners

From Hell to Paradise

In Kenya women and children belong the most vulnerable and therefore to the most exploited population. Their lives are in severe danger. Many are exposed to violence within their marriage,many single mothers are on the streets exposed to physical and sexual violence, many are stigmatized, excluded and punished  due to mental illness. They are alone in their suffering. 

In many cases the married women who experience violence have children and are forced to endure their situations due to the lack of financial means and the need to support the children. In other cases, women do not have enough financial means to pay a rent as high as 2 Euros and are therefore on the street. The sexual violence these women experience leads to unwanted pregnancies, and dangerous sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. Others get mentally sick, but instead of receiving help they get locked away and beaten. 

Usually those women endure so much till someone has to bring them to the hospital with severe fractures, burns, stabbings and/or severe mutilation of their private parts.  Also much damage is done to their psychological health and they suffer from posttraumatic stress disorders, depression and anxiety among others.  

Those women need a safe place to protect them and their children from this inhuman harm. This place should enable them to 1) feel that there is no danger to their lives 2) receive medical and psychological first aid 3) feel empowered and unfold their potential to build their own independent life. 

This project aims to fulfill the above mentioned needs through a women’s shelter, where all women (with children) can find a place to recover. We wish to take them out of their situation by networking with institutions and community members  and provide empowerment in various ways. For that, we want to build a shelter with a “paradise garden” where planting of trees, vegetables and herbs enables a sustainable project. The women learn how to plant, care for and manage trees. Sustainability is ensured by providing the women with skills, for example sewing, hair cutting and accounting to open their own little start ups and earn an own living. In the paradise garden  the women are of course supported and instructed by a professional gardener. At the same time, the development of their children will be accentuated by a children group, where children can be together, learn and play, while the mothers are learning and recovering. This way, both children and mothers can be taken care of in the most possible way.

Your Donations

We are pleased about your financial support for our work of the non-profit association with focus on Africa. Below this text you will find a selection of possible donation options, simply specify the respective project in the intended purpose and transfer to:

Account number: 14003040

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IBAN: DE39464510120014003040

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Or donate digitally:     

Upon request, we will provide you with information about the selected project. We are officially a non-profit association and your donation is tax deductible. From a donation of 50 Euro we can issue you with a donation receipt. If you would like a donation receipt that is fully tax deductible and give us the opportunity to thank you, please send us your name and address by e-mail to: contact@humanitasfoundation.com

Promotion of partner organizations

Your donation goes directly into the organizations and projects of our partners to improve their quality of life.


Donate for school equipment and promote education for a better future for African children and adolescents.


With your donation, we can promote the cultivation of food, arrange food distribution and sustainably improve the water quality on site. We also use your funding to improve local medical care.

Help for self-help

With your donation, you can help boost self-reliance in Africa by helping people build their own businesses, start their own agriculture or get their driving license for a good job.

From Hell to Paradise

This special donation goes to our planned Christmas project where we want to build a women shelter with a fruit and vegetables garden for abused women and their children in Kenya. In this way, we help the women to achieve new skills and build a self-determined and safe future for themselves