An important cooperation abroad is the support of the St. Paul’s Children’s Home, an orphanage for children from the slums of Nairobi in Kenya. The Project has been brought to life by Mrs. Margret Mbote and her family 12 years ago. She founded the orphanage in the district Ongata Rongai and functions as its head since then. Mrs. Mbote feels it is her purpose to give those children, who have no families supporting them, a home.

By now, around 70 orphans live here and receive accommodation, food and schooling. Nevertheless, the orphanage’s means are limited, so that we see it as our task to support the orphanage in its effort to give those children the opportunity to live a decent life, now and in the future. After we fundamentally and permanently improved the circumstances in which the St. Paul’s Children’s Home had to work with the orphans until now, our cooperation goes on.

So we sponsor local labor and new children’s beds, built together new sanitary facilities and a multipurpose hall, where the children can do homework and celebrate. Furthermore, we were able to achieve a sustainable improvement of the drinking water supply by cleaning the water tank and installing a water filter system. We are also collecting donations to build a well system so that the home won´t be dependent on supplies of rainwater and purchased water. We support also the home financially every month and particularly we were able to support some orphans in obtaining education, school education or a driving license.

We sponsored new bedrooms for the orphans, as well as classrooms, and a kindergarten, moreover restrooms, side buildings for the orphanage’s employees and a new, fully equipped kitchen. With the amount of 200.000 € we are able to realise the whole project and reach our goal to improve education, as well as to raise standard of care and level of hygiene. We achieved our first success with the construction and completion of the orphanage’s new assembly hall in March 2014.

Gathering all employees and children living in the orphanage in one room was not possible until now.
After we equipped the hall with tables and benches, the room also serves as dining hall for all children and employees. Additionally, the hall has a store room and a restroom according to European standard. The Humanitas Foundation controls the proper architectural planning and construction of the whole project. Members of the Humanitas Foundation do the architectural drawings and construction planning, while others support and supervise the realisation of the buildings in attendance. Therefore, we guarantee that material and time is invested efficiently and that donations are used properly, sensible, and solely for the orphanage. Besides, we organize a free feeding in and around Nairobi at regular intervals. This has been possible by assistance of external donors and partners.


For us, sustainable support in Africa is very important, as short-term measures can only extinguish individual fires temporarily and it is important to us that our partner organisations function on their own at some point and at best no longer need our financial support. This is why we always plan our projects on a long-term basis, for example by planting trees or using the microcredit system. Here we give Africans who want to build their own existence or live more independently interest-free microloans, which they pay back only in case of success. For example, we help them to buy equipment for a business start or seed for their own food cultivation. We also support young people, for example by financing their driving licences, which they need for a job. In this way, we provide the starting aid for a more independent life.

People from the poorest underclass in Africa, who want to achieve realisation of their own business
concept, mostly are not creditworthy in the eyes of a regional bank. Thus, there is no chance to implement an often valuable idea which is worthy of support. Here the Humanitas Foundation directly helps. Following an intensive conversation, which clarifies the eligibility for promotion, we provide an
interest-free loan the person in question pays back bit by bit. Hereafter, this money is available for promotion of other projects. A microloan ranges between 10€ and 250€.

Our small charity farm near Kampala, Uganda, was also started to make use of existing land and to start agriculture and chick rearing through the provision of good seeds and the purchase of the first 100 chicks.