A Live for Life Platform

The Porta Medika Project is establishing step by step a portal to improve quality of life for users worldwide. Our special focus is the African continent. Here the need for improvement in medicine and health care, prevention and wellness, education and services, and last not least, improved quality of life in very many ways is tremendous. We roll out our vision and mission and create sustainable projects one by one that make the difference, concentrating on improved prevention, therapy, products, treatment and services. The Porta Medika portal also serves as a system developer, service provider, operator and network partner for selected local businesses.



The wiki is a collection of medicine based articles, pictures and videos. It provides a rating system as well as a platform to create and publish new articles. In the wiki you can create and work on articles as a group; The goal hereby is to finally turn away from the “information overflow” and to accomplish definite articles that combine the knowledge of humankind. Moreover articles can be commented and discussed by every user for a more direct communication.



The forum part offers any user several elaborated options to contribute and participate. Users can share their personal experiences, communicate via a chat with one another, ask questions about everyday problems, write extensive tutorials about specific topics and start small surveys with other users to bring their opinion into experience.



In the products area users can compare medical, health related & cosmetic products. The rating system should make it easier to find products that really help. Our unique feature is the possibility to compare the products through ingredients with an easily understandable graphical representation.



The service section is where every user can register services they have tested. These listed services can then be rated by the community. Through a satellite map, you can filter for services in your geographic location and  vicinity. You can filter the services through different categories. These categories are e.g. practice, clinic, group, insurance and many more.

 Once you have clicked on a specific service you will get information about their opening hours, ratings from other users and see the most frequently asked questions concerning the service.


In the videos below you can have a glance at the idea and some first developments of the Porta Medika Portal. Day by day we work on improvements for the software, to make it as useful as possible and give our future users the best experience.