We welcome you to the world of the Humanitas Foundation.
Since start in 2002 our non profit organisation has been active in worldwide charity projects.
Our goals are to help achieve sustainable goals and help people in need.
Together with our partners we engage in shaping future in medicine and health, education, fighting hunger, green sustainable projects and many more.

On this site we will inform you about our current projects and what we do.


Since 2012 we are partner of the St Pauls Childrens Home, an orphanage with about 70 children in Nairobi, Kenya. During this time we were able to establish great progress and positive changes for the children. We have been able to turn structural improvements from corrugated iron huts into stone houses and provide the home with stable beds, benches, an assembly hall, sanitary facilities and other equipment. Since the staff of the home was very understaffed and poorly paid, we increased the staff and paid fair salaries at the beginning of our partnership. We also organise local festivals, such as Christmas parties with gifts for the children and other events.

For us, sustainable support in Africa is very important, as short-term measures can only extinguish individual fires temporarily and it is important to us that our partner organisations function on their own at some point and at best no longer need our financial support. This is why we always plan our projects on a long-term basis, for example by planting trees or using the microcredit system. Here we give Africans who want to build their own existence or live more independently interest-free microloans, which they pay back only in case of success. For example, we help them to buy equipment for a business start or seed for their own food cultivation. We also support young people, for example by financing their driving licences, which they need for a job. In this way, we provide the starting aid for a more independent life. 

Particularly disabled people do not have it easy in Africa. Therefore we support a children’s home for disabled children in Nairobi, Kenya financially and with material and food.

In addition, we cooperate with Dr. Richard’s local practice to support his work in which he treats patients free of charge.

The Porta Medika Project

Porta Medika is a project that started to develop in 2015. In fact, Dr. med. Walter Lipke had the idea since the late 1990s. At that time, the technical implementation was not possible. In 2015 he began to realize his idea with a young, dedicated team.
The main idea of Porta Medika is to collect the medical and health knowledge of the world on one platform, regardless of the medical orientation and the context where the user is in contact with the respective topic (patient, relative, therapist, interested etc.). Every individual experience is important! We want to offer people an exchange, information and comparison platform where the user can act not only as a user, but can also be an author himself.
Especially through our work in Africa and with refugees, we saw again and again the poor medical care conditions and the lack of knowledge about health issues. The Porta Medika project is created to provide a holistic approach for patients, relatives and patients to receive the best medical care.

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